The first change you need to make is your mindset.

Success is not final.

I love this quote because I think it sums up this journey I’m on pretty spot on. We all experience setbacks, whether they are brought on by ourselves or others and how we react to those setbacks can either break us down or build up our character and strengthen us. I choose to use my failures and setbacks as life lessons, through which I can learn and improve myself on.

It’s been 9 months and 1 week since I got serious about my health and fitness. I joined a CrossFit gym and committed to (as close to) 100% Paleo as possible. I didn’t want the work I put in at the box to be in vain, especially because I thought I was GOING TO DIE during every single WOD and I knew that what I chose to eat was going to greatly impact the results I would see. I stuck with it very diligently for a little over 3 months but then a trip to North Carolina and Maryland sent me off track and the Holidays rolled around causing me to go even more off track. In all honesty, almost 6 months later I had yet to TRULY get back on track. My progress slowed then eventually stopped altogether, I may have even regressed a little. My mindset had settled back into it’s old ways. Instead of focusing on health I was again focusing on fat-loss  and my results were suffering from it. When I initially fell off track I was still consistently losing 3+ inches every 4 weeks, so I easily became unmotivated to make wise food choices. I felt like I was still making decent food choices, the majority of the time, but I wasn’t really being honest with myself and I was making many more exceptions than I realized. It’s easier to make exceptions when you’re only thinking of the “here and now” but when you think about how these choices are going to affect your health long-term, it makes it much easier to make the right choice. I turned 30 4 days ago, which was a bit of a reality check. At the beginning of this week I again committed to eating REAL food(meat, nuts, healthy fats, fruits and veggies), at least 90% of the time. I am already feeling better mentally and emotionally and hope that my progress will pick back up shortly. I have just shy of three months before my one year anniversary of CrossFit and Paleo and I really want to see some  significant progress between now and then. Changing my focus from fat loss to health and making sure I  give 110% in the gym is what really made a difference for me at the beginning of my journey and I want that mindset back!

It’s really pretty simple- choosing real foods and working out harder & smarter(not longer!) will get you the results you desire. Give it your all and be honest with yourself- are you REALLY giving it your ALL or are you giving the bare minimum, expecting major results?<— I’m preaching to myself right here! It’s time to take responsibility for my health again and give my body what it wants and needs!

Here’s to the next three months!

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